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Dentures are an individually custom made prosthesis to replace multiple missing teeth. They are literally hand-made crafted articles. Each individual denture tooth has to be cut and positioned precisely by hand.



Dental Implants

Dental Implants are a method of replacing a whole missing tooth or teeth, including the root, with a permanent, fixed custom-made prosthesis.  Each tooth is created by hand for the perfect fit and look.



Denture Advice

Bill Sharpling is always happy to offer help and advice when it comes to selecting the right denture for you. From cleaning and maintaining your dentures, to advice about fixing problems he is here to help. Read more about Bill below.


Welcome to

Bill Sharpling is a very well-known and highly regarded Clinic Dental Technician. He is also a trainer, lecturer and opinion leader at many of the UK’s most prestigious dental training establishments.

Bill has created Dentures.Org to ensure that anyone who requires dentures can find the best and most caring CDT in their local area.

His goal is very simple. He believes dentures should be so comfortable and fit so securely, you hardly know you are wearing them. Bill wants to ensure that everyone can have a natural, stunning smile, but still go further.  He aims to assist all prospective denture wearers with information and support so that they feel empowered to make the right choice for them.

Naturally, the best source of information is a personal consultation, which Bill offers free of charge, and bookable on line using the easy-to-use links.

Nobody should suffer as a result of ill-fitting dentures, so contact the expert at today and let Bill help create a natural looking smile you will be proud of and dentures which are comfortable, functional and attractive.

Denture Checklist

Let the professionals at help you with problem dentures. Our professional Clinical Dental Technician can put an end to any denture embarrassment and self-consciousness.

As a denture expert Bill can help with the following problems:

  • Do your dentures make your gums sore?
  • Are your dentures preventing you from choosing the foods you like?
  • Do suffer from failing crowns and bridges or loose partial dentures?
  • Do your dentures slip when you talk or laugh?
  • Do you feel self-conscious or embarrassed by your dentures appearance?
  • Do you feel as if your lower face has begun to sag, making you look and feel older since you started wearing dentures?

Not all denture problems require new dentures, sometimes your dentures just need to be adjusted so that they fit correctly and give you the comfortable bite you need.



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