What are copy dentures?

Copy dentures are a new set of dentures that are manufactured based on your existing set of dentures. The technique can produce a replica of an existing set or incorporate all the benefits the existing set of dentures, as well as adding new teeth and improving the fit and overall aesthetics.

The advantages

  • With a new fitting surface copy dentures are tailored to fit the mouth perfectly
  • Less appointments are needed and therefore the costs of your new dentures are reduced
  • Patients with a sensitive gag reflex will not require normal impressions
  • Often no adjustments are needed afterwards

Why choose copy dentures?

Patients may wish to consider getting a set of copy dentures if they are experiencing discomfort or pain associated with having poorly fitting dentures. If your dentures don’t fit properly but you are happy with the shape, size and colour of your teeth then a replica can be made with a new fitting surface. Often the elderly who cannot tolerate a new set of dentures choose the copy technique as much of the procedure can be carried out in their own home.

13 thoughts on “Copy Dentures

  1. Hi, I broke my bottom dentures in half but have glued them back, I’ve had these for 35 years and would like a spare set, can you copy them exact, only if price is good as its not a desperate situation as I still have these, would be nice to have spare ones.

  2. Hi, I have a upper denture with only 2 x teeth attached which I have had for approx 12yrs (thangs I think the two teeth after your centre two) one broke off and have glued as a temp fix which has lasted 4 weeks is. Could this be replicated

  3. Can you tell me an average time to receive replacement full denture and an average cost please..

  4. I’m happy with my denture but I would like it copied so I have a second one as a standby

  5. Hi
    I have had my dentures for over 40 years. I am perfectly happy with their fit and comfort, however i have had to glue a tiny hole. I want to get an exact copy of these but perhaps a “Tiny” bit longer front teeth ??
    Can you do this please ?

  6. I have a crack in my top set, is it possible to get a set copied from the set I have already? At what kind of cost in Edinburgh. Thank you for your time.

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