Many Dentists go on to further their education, choosing to focus on particular areas of dentistry. An Implant Dentist is a Dentist who feels they have advanced the scope of their practice to a significant level that allows them to place dental implants. The placement of a dental implant is a surgical procedure and should be carried out only by a Dentist who has undertaken suitable training. Evidence of this can be seen in the form of additional qualifications.

Implant dentistry is a complex treatment option with 3 important aspects:

  1. Planning
  2. Surgery
  3. Restoration

Training can come from a variety of sources including university, Royal College of Surgeons or hospital-based programmes, as well as from courses run by commercial groups or individuals. Many academic institutions offer post-graduate training for Dentists and these often culminate in some form of ‘qualification’ (either at ‘certificate’, Diploma or Masters Degree level). You will find the Implant Dentists on the expert panel of have the experience and qualifications needed to offer you the advice you need.

What will happen if I have a consultation for Dental Implants?

As part of your consultation, the Implant Dentist will assess the condition of your jawbones, the soft tissue of your mouth, your general health and the type of dentures you require.

They may take impressions and ask you to return for x-rays before they can tell you if you can have implant retained dentures.

Some clinics offer a joint consultation with the Implant Dentist and Clinical Dental Technician.

The Implant Dentist is responsible for prescribing the treatment and treatment planning and the Clinical Dental Technician will work to this prescription.

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