Light alloy dentures are made of a combination of light metal alloy and gum coloured plastic (either hard or flexible). The metal used in light alloy dentures is selected because it is light and biocompatible. Most alloy dentures are either made from chrome cobalt, gold or titanium.

The advantages

  • The frameworks are light and are less likely to cause irritation or discomfort when they are fitted
  • They are designed to blend in with the existing contours of your mouth being hygienic, covering less of the gum and teeth
  • Covering less of the soft tissue in the mouth promotes good oral health, aids speech and allows patients to enjoy a better sense of taste.
  • The clasps which hold the dentures in place will improve support and will hold the dentures in place
  • Light alloy dentures are more durable than other types of denture, meaning they will withstand more wear and tear and last longer are less likely to break

Light alloy dentures are designed to fit your mouth exactly and will be custom-made in accordance with impressions of your mouth.

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