A flexible denture adapts around the shape of the teeth and gums upon insertion and removal and can be used when it is difficult or impossible to insert a plastic or light alloy denture.

How do they work?

As there name suggests they flex into position and often require no clasping mechanisms holding themselves in place firmly. Flexible partial dentures often provide a solution for those people who can’t wear normal dentures because of irregularities in the shape of the mouth.

The advantages

  • Flexible partial dentures are designed to fit the gum tissue perfectly. This means that there is no need for clasps or denture adhesive. Patients can benefit from increased retention without having to wear uncomfortable metal clasps.
  • The material used is transparent and blends in with the natural gum colour of your mouth.
  • Flexible partial dentures are also easier to manufacture, having less components meaning they can be made in a shorter period of time. This means you won’t have to wait for your dentures for as long as other types of partial denture.
  • Flexible partial dentures are an excellent solution for many patients, who find they cannot tolerate normal types of denture. Flexible dentures adjust to the shape of the mouth, meaning they fit properly and prevent discomfort and pain associated with loosely fitting dentures. You won’t have to worry about your dentures coming loose and you won’t experience any pain or discomfort, and your speech will also remain clear.

5 thoughts on “Flexible Dentures

  1. How much roughly upper 12 teeth flexible denture will cost. I have the middle 3 teeth together.

  2. I’m having my four front crowned removed and two molars all top , I’m having them removed soon and have been given this plastic partial to put in as soon as others removed ,I’m worried that it will hurt , will look awful as it’s cheap and nasty NHS and I won’t be able to speak or leave the house or see anyone making anxiety a lot worse

  3. Hi I had bels palsy 40 years ago and find it impossible to use normal dentures I have now started to slightly regurgitate wonder if there is a fund I can apply too for funding for these I am disabledxx

  4. My mother has been quoted £1,500 each at a private clinic for upper & lower partial acrylic dentures – Upper is 7 teeth, Lower is 6 teeth. Is this daylight robbery or about right?

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