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The Denture Clinic is located within Castle View Dental Clinic in Windsor. The practice is managed by Clinical Dental Technician Bill Sharpling, one of the UK’s foremost Clinical Dental Technicians and is a well-known Opinion Leader in Dentistry.

Bill works alongside Castle View Dental Clinic’s lead dentist, Dr David Winkler, whose reputation and expertise in the dental industry is built on thirty years of delivering the highest level of aesthetic and implant dentistry. David has undertaken countless hours of comprehensive post-graduate training all over the world, being educated by some of the world’s best dentists.

Together Dr Winkler and Bill Sharpling can provide implant-assisted dentures to solve the issues caused by ill-fitting and unstable dentures. Implant-retained dentures are ideal for patients who require a more secure solution than removable full dentures. As a team, Bill and David are also able to provide permanent fixed teeth to patients who are looking for a more permanent long-term solution.

David Winkler

Initially, David trained as a Dental Technician before moving on to become a dentist, qualifying in 1983. This unique educational path provides David with the understanding of the entire lifecycle, from denture fabrication to the fitting process. David operated his own practice in Denmark for 17 years before moving to Windsor, where he has practiced ever since. David insists on only the best for his patients and never compromises on the quality of materials used.

David began placing dental implants in 1987, when became the Founding Scandinavian President of the European Academy for Dental Implantology, until recently he was also President of the International Federation of Aesthetic Dentistry.

All of our patients receive the very best in dental care to ensure their oral health is restored fully. For all your denture requirements Contact Us today. We offer a full, Partial Denture and Denture Stabilisation to ensure your smile is restored.

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  1. I have misplaced my dentures. I refused implants as I needed a bone graft and a spinal lift, which I didn’t want. My father was a dentist, snd was in agreement!
    I need a new set asap

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