Plastic dentures are very popular. New, state of the art plastic dentures made from injection moulded impact resistant materials can provide greater comfort and functioning, as well as creating a natural looking set of teeth.

The advantages

Plastic partial dentures are custom made to fit perfectly in your mouth and to create a natural looking, healthy smile. Plastic dentures are less expensive than light alloy dentures and may be a more attractive option for those patients who are unable to pay high premiums.

Advances in technology mean that now, plastic dentures are lighter, stronger and more comfortable to wear.

Who can benefit

A Clinical Dental Technician and Dentist may recommend plastic dentures for patients that are going to lose their existing teeth in the near future and will consequently require modifications to their existing dentures or a full set of dentures. Patients who cannot afford more expensive types of partial dentures or those who are trying dentures for the first time may also wish to consider plastic dentures. Patients who require treatment before they can have light alloy dentures often where a plastic denture first. This usually occurs when the patient needs treatment to strengthen their natural teeth and gum tissue.

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