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The Clinic in Surrey is located within Roseneath Dental Surgery.  The practice is managed by Clinical Dental Technician Bill Sharpling, one of the UK’s foremost Clinical Dental Technicians and is a well-known Opinion Leader in Dentistry.

Bill undertakes all aspects of denture provision within the clinic and laboratory. For partial denture wearers, Roseneath’s principle Dentist, Gavin Khedun, provides dental health checks to patients, giving Bill the information he needs to treat patients that require partial dentures.

Gavin is on hand to treat the causes of dental disease and tooth decay, ensuring patients mouths are in optimum condition for replacement partial dentures. Implant Dentist, Krish Bhatia, is a key member of the stabilisation service, together with Bill, they help patients who are troubled by loose dentures; providing them with implant retained dentures that greatly improve chewing function.

If you would like to arrange a consultation to discuss either your existing dentures or would like to find out more about having Dentures please Contact Us and we will book a consultation for you to discuss your requirements further.

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