What are Swiss Dentures?

Swiss dentures aim to eliminate the problems inherent with most dentures. Switzerland is a scientifically forward thinking country, especially when it comes to quality of life. The range of dentures Switzerland has produced is testimony to this. There are several types of Swiss denture based on the lifetime work of the late Professor Albert Gerber of the University of Zurich

Why are Swiss dentures different from others?

The back (chewing) teeth used for Swiss dentures work to a pestle (upper teeth) and mortar (lower teeth) principle to give you more comfortable dentures, especially when eating. They also focus on improving the design of the denture for the lower jaw, which in most dentures can be wobbly. Swiss dentures boast superior aesthetics, and produce incredibly natural looking dentures because of their attention to detail. When combined with dental implants, these dentures are comparable to the look and function of natural teeth.

Who would benefit most from Swiss dentures?

If you have complete dentures, after a few years your jawbone will start to shrink altering the shape of your mouth. In your lower jaw especially, this can result in a flat ridge with none of the retentive elements needed to stabilsie a lower denture. Normal dentures rely on the suction created by your gums, and without this, dentures become unstable, tilt or rub over time. Swiss dentures are a good solution to this problem, since they rely on a precise system of stability created by the pestle and mortar design of the replacement teeth keeping them in place when you bite.

What makes Swiss dentures so different?

  • The denture teeth are gender specific and available in young, universal and mature designs
  • A wide range of tooth colours are available
  • Multiple colour tones are used for the denture base
  • There are a variety of bespoke choices when it comes to Swiss dentures.
  • They offer a greater level of stability in the lower jaw for complete denture wearers
  • The materials used promise dentures that last for years, as long as they are cared for accordingly

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