5 Questions you should ask before choosing your denture provider

Getting dentures can be life enhancing, so it is something that you need to consider carefully in order get the best results.

It is important that you take the time to choose the facility that will provide you with your dentures, so in order to do that successfully, Dentures.org has produced this handy sheet to help you ask the right questions and advise you what to look for.

Naturally, at Dentures.org we feel that it is vital that you have a good relationship with your Clinical Dental Technician (CDT), as they are the experts who will create your dentures for you. Yet there are some questions that you should ask. –

  1. Where is the denture going to be made?A great many British dentists now send their denture work abroad to countries like India and China where they can get them made a lot cheaper than they can in this country.In the UK we have strict regulation which are governed by the GDC. Most Clinical Dental Technicians (CDT) will have their own dental laboratory, often at the same location as the clinic, although some CDTs work at multiple dental practices. If you have a good relationship with a CDT with their own lab then you are going to receive better care.
  1. How long should my denture last?This question is very difficult to answer as there are obviously lifestyle considerations to take into account here as well as the construction and materials used in the actual denture itself.Because of the type of materials used, an NHS denture may only last a year or two even, however in our experience some have lasted a lot longer. A good quality private denture should easily last ten years, although it will require adjusting from time to time to improve the fit. Therefore, you need to make sure you have a relationship with the CDT to ensure you have ongoing care.
  1. How much will the denture cost?Another difficult question. The price of dentures can vary widely.  An NHS denture should normally cost you about £200. Consider the amount of work that goes in to making a denture to make a denture at this price means that they would have to use budget materials and possibly lower paid or trainee staff.  A private denture could cost between £400 to £1000 depending on where it’s made and what it’s made of. It is highly likely that the teeth will be a better, more natural colour match and the fit will be far more secure and more comfortable. A private CDT will be able to spend a great deal more time its construction, using higher quality materials as well as giving the patient more personal attention.
  1. What after care will you get with your denture?Initially you should look for a CDT who offers a dedicate plan with premium dentures. This should cover all work that needs to be carried out in that time. For example a complimentary adjustments after a month or so as well as a 6 monthly and annual check. Some CDTs offer aftercare plans for up to 5 years but it is best to read the small print as these care packages are not free, so you need to be clear what you are buying into.
  1. What to do is something goes wrongEven if you have obtained your dentures via a dentists who used an overseas supplier, you are still covered by the GDC. However, we always advise people to have a direct relationship with a CDT as, if you ask any dentist which they feel is one of the most difficult tasks, a significant proportion will answer that creating dentures.CDTs have all the resources to hand and are specifically trained to resolve issues concerning fit and function.  However, do not expect your new dentures to be comfortable right from the start because it is possible that they will need a couple of adjustments to get them just right and to stay that way over time.There could be any number or reasons why dentures do not fit perfectly initially, however, if after four or five adjustments, the dentures are still not right, they may need to be remade. This is rare, and in almost every cases the remade denture will be just right. If your denture is still not right after the remake you may be entitled to your money backNaturally you will need to discuss this with your dental care provider to try and resolve the issue, however, if you still feel unhappy then you can contact the General Dental Council for more guidance on what to do next.  Their details are as follows:

    The General Dental Council (GDC)

    37 Wimpole Street
    W1G 8DQ

    Website:          www.gdc-uk.org
    Phone:             +44 (0)20 7167 6000.

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